The Archive tool is a console application used to package multiple files up into to a format optimized for the Essence Engine. Typically the Mod Builder is used as a front-end for the archive tool rather than running the archive tool directly.

Archive Definition

An archive definition file is required to create an archive using the archive tool, it is a text file with the following format:

Archive name="<string>" blocksize="<int>" signkey="<filename>"
TOCStart name="<string>" alias="<string>" path="<string>" relativeroot="<string>"
    FileSettingsStart defverification="none|crc|crc_blocks|md5_blocks|sha1_blocks" defcompression="store|stream_compress|buffer_compress"
        Override wildcard="<regex>" minsize="<int>|-1" maxsize="<int>|-1" vt="none|crc|crc_blocks|md5_blocks|sha1_blocks" ct="store|stream_compress|buffer_compress"