An asset pack is composed of art assets that can be added to a scenario.

Using Asset Packs

Asset packs are not used directly, but rather are automatically mapped when they are specified as a dependency on a scenario pack. To use an asset pack with a scenario, you must select the asset pack before creating a new scenario or opening an existing scenario:

  1. Launch the World Builder
  2. Click Edit then Mods…
  3. Check the asset packs you wish to use in the Mod List.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Create a new or open an existing scenario.
  6. Edit your scenario.
  7. Click File then Export Package to create your scenario pack.

Selected asset packs will automatically get included as dependencies of your scenario pack. Scenarios that depend on asset packs will not show up in the Custom Game scenario list unless their dependencies have been installed. To configure a scenario pack to automatically download and install its dependencies, you need to specify the Workshop ID of the published asset pack in the Mod List before exporting your scenario pack. This ID is located in the URL of the asset pack when viewing the asset pack in the Workshop.

For example, if your asset pack has the following URL in the workshop:

The Workshop ID 123456789 should be entered into the Mod List as such:


Archive Structure

+-<mod info>

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