As of Dec 17th 2015, the Company of Heroes 2 Steam Workshop supports the submission of mods via the curated pathway. The curated pathway is a means of submitting mods for consideration by Relic to be fully integrated into the game, and thus become available for use in automatch modes. Curated mods are not available to play, but instead users vote to say if they would like the mod to be included within the full game as a regular item / feature. The voting is done on the specific mods STEAM WORKSHOP page.

This is different from ready-to-use mods which are available to players for immediate download from the Steam Workshop or the COH2 Modding Hub.

Relic reviews submitted mods to the curated pathway and may decide to add your mod to the game as part of a future update. Mod types currently supported in the curated pathway:

NOTE: If you are submitting to the curated pathway then your mod will be big as it will include your source files. This will almost certainly cause you to hit the upload file size limit of 200MB. If this is the case try splitting your mod into summer and winter packs and upload each separately.

How To Publish A Mod As Curated

Go here for detailed instructions on how to publish mods to the curated pathway.

Guidelines For Curated Skin Mods

In order to include a skin mod it must include all vehicles in a given faction. It must also include the following inventory structure:

  1. Heavy Summer Skin
  2. Medium Summer Skin
  3. Light Summer Skin
  4. Heavy Winter Skin
  5. Medium Winter Skin
  6. Light Winter Skin

You may split your mod into summer/winter skin skin packs if you have problems with the upload file size limit.
See additional information on how to create skin mods.

Guidelines For Curated Faceplate and Decal Mods

The main thing to consider when submitting faceplates and decals is ownership and appropriateness. Make sure you own the rights to anything you submit or it will not be integrated into the game.

What To Expect For Your Curated Mod

  • Relic may only review top rated submissions for consideration.
  • There is no guarantee that items submitted to the curated pathway will be integrated. This is completely at Relic's discretion.
  • There is no set time interval for reviews but generally Relic reviews all curated submissions once per month around month end. In the case of competitions a review by date will be published.
  • Relic may contact you via the private developer comments section of your workshop item if your mod is being considered. It's possible that you may be asked to make certain changes to the mod in order for it to qualify for integration into the game.
  • Items must be 100% of you or your teams creation and may not include others intellectual property or references to others intellectual property.

Resubmitting Your Mod As Curated

You may consider submitting an existing ready-to-use mod to the curated path. If you decide to do this there are some important things to consider. You can only publish a single mod as either a ready to use OR curated. If you change this setting in the mod builder and republish your mod, it will be removed from the ready to use section and republished as a curated mod. Relic recommends that you create a new mod and copy over the ready to use mods data. Then submit the new mod as a curated type. This allows you to have the same mod in both ready to use and curated sections.

About Revenue Sharing

In certain special circumstances (such as artist competitions) Relic may choose to offer user created content for sale in the in game store either as part of a bundle or as an individual item.

If you want to be eligible for revenue share, then you will need to provide Valve with your banking and tax information. You can start this process by submitting a form on the Company of Heroes 2 Steam workshop page. There is a FAQ to answer your additional questions on how to go about completing this process. Generally speaking mod creators receive 25% of profits generated from the content they have created. In certain circumstances this may differ so refer to competition guidelines for exact percentages. If the item(s) are included in a bundle then the percentage is adjusted accordingly between all the components of the bundle. In the case of bundles having different categories of content Relic may choose to apportion profits in a manner that is fair. The exact apportionment is entirely at Relic's discretion in this case. Additionally Relic may choose to integrate your content as a free item or may choose to change your item from a paid item to a free item at any point. This is entirely at Relic's discretion.

It's usual practice for any items integrated into the game to be available via the Warspoils loot drop system as well as being available for purchase.

Promoting Your Mod

You can visit your mods workshop page and add screenshots, movies and any descriptions you’d like to promote your skin. Although this is optional, gathering votes will help your chances of getting selected as this is a factor taken into account by the jury at Relic!