The faceplate pack wizard in the Mod Builder can be used to generate the appropriate file structure for a new Faceplate Pack. This guide will walk you through its usage. Also, don't forget to have a look at the paired Faceplate Example.

Running The Wizard

  1. Launch the Mod Builder.
  2. Click File and select New.
  3. In the New Mod dialog, select FaceplatePack for Type and click OK.
    • FaceplatePack.png
  4. Click the button beside the Mod File text box and select a location for your mod. You can save your mod anywhere, but it is recommended that you create a folder for it, e.g. C:\mods\my_faceplate\my_faceplate.mod.
  5. Enter in a Name and Description for your faceplate. This is the name and description that will show up in the Steam Workshop.
  6. If you have a preview image for your faceplate, click the button beside the Preview Image text box and select it. It should be a TGA image with a resolution of 280x280. You can add this image later time if you do not have one.
  7. Click the button beside the Attribute File text box and select a location for your attributes.
  8. Click the button beside the Icon Path text box and select a location for your icons.
  9. Click OK to complete the wizard.

If you do not specify a full path for any paths other than the Mod File, the paths will implicitly be relative to your Mod File path.

Your completed wizard might look something like this:


Creating The Faceplate Image

  1. Expand data\ui then double click your icons path.
  2. Edit faceplate.png.

Completing The Faceplate

  1. If you wish to update the Steam Workshop name/description of your faceplate:
    1. Expand info then double click your faceplate's name. The Mod Info dialog should appear.
    2. Edit your faceplate's name or description.
  2. If you wish to add a Steam Workshop preview image for your faceplate:
    1. Right click on info and select Add Burn File…
    2. Browse to your preview image and select it. It should be a TGA image with a resolution of 280x280.
    3. Right click on your preview image and select Add Burn Settings then generic-image to data-rgt. This will compress the image decreasing the size of your mod.
  3. If you wish to change the inventory image for your faceplate.
    1. Expand data\ui then double click your icons path.
    2. Edit icon.png.

Testing The Faceplate

  1. Click Build then select Build.
    • A dialog will appear informing you that the build is in progress, wait for it to complete.
    • If the build is a success, your faceplate will be copied to your Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes 2\mods\faceplates folder.
  2. Launch Company of Heroes 2 from Steam.
  3. Your faceplate should appear in your inventory (if you restricted your faceplate to a specific race you might need to change your race).
  4. Equip your faceplate to test it out.
  5. If you are happy with your faceplate and wish to publish it to the Steam Workshop:
    1. Select the Modding HUB from the Company of Heroes 2 Main Menu.
    2. Select the Manage tab.
    3. Select your faceplate.
    4. Click Publish.

Publishing your Faceplate to the Curated Workshop

Do this if you want Relic to consider adding your faceplate to the game.
There's more information on the curated pathway here.

All you need to do is select curated from the drop down menu in the mod builder before clicking build in Step 1 above.

Note that your mod can either be curated or ready to use (release). It cannot be both curated and ready to use. You can achieve this result by making two different mods with identical content. Publish one as curated and the other as ready to use (release).