The FX Editor is a tool used to create particle effects. FX can be included in asset packs.

Launching The FX Editor

To launch the FX Editor, navigate to the Burn FX for your mod in the Mod Builder and double-click it, or right click on it and select Edit… If your mod does not have any FX, you can add a Burn FX by adding a data alias, then a Burn FX to the data alias.

Creating An FX

  1. Under the Hierarchy View, click New.
  2. Enter your FX Name and select a FX Type. Typically you would use a fxcombotype for the root node, but for the purposes of this walk-through, select a fxringtype.
    • FxEditorNew.png
  3. Under the Hierarchy View, expand root (my_fx).
  4. Under Browse, select the shader fxshader_alpha and drag it onto the shader (fxshader_none) in your root (my_fx).
  5. Under the Hierarchy View, select your new shader (fxshader_slpha), then press the button next to the tex0 property under the Variable Window, and select a texture under your <Burn FX>\art\fx folder. You can create new TGA files in this folder for your FX to use.
  6. Press the Play button and your texture should appear, you can adjust the variables of root (my_fx) to alter its appearance.
  7. Click File then select Save As and save your texture under your <Burn FX>\art\fx folder.

FX Types

Name Type Description
fxaudiotype Audio This is used to place sound directly in the fx.
fxbeamtype Particle This particle allows you to adjust length and width to create a rectangular particle. These particles usually travel with their length following the direction they are going.
fxcombotype Combo These are the groups that contain emitters, particles, lights etc. You can place combos within combos for large fx. Combos by default render the bottom effect on top. This can be reversed by clicking Invert_Draw_Order check box.
fxdisplacementtype Particle This particle is used to create a heat wave type distortion. The texture must be a normal map type texture (red, blue and green distort pixels in different directions). The alpha determines the noisiness.
fxexperimentalringtype Particle Do not use.
fxlenseflaretype Particle This is a set of particles that simulates a lens flare. It animates the particles related to the particles position on screen.
fxlighttype Light This is a light that can be added into the effect. Useful for affecting the environment when doing additive fx like fire and explosions.
fxmeshtype Particle This particle type is loaded from a mesh you create outside of the editor. Click the link for details on how to create and hook up mesh particles.
fxringtype Particle This is the standard square particle. It can be changed to a billboard to always face the camera.
fxspraytype Emitter This is currently the only emitter in the editor. It is very versatile and you can change its shape and variation to fit almost any situation.
fxstreamtype Particle This particle is similar to a trail except that it gets motion from an emitter. So it is like a self generating trail. Since it can be affected by wind it is excellent for smoke plume type effects.
fxtrailtype Particle This particle is attached to something moving (another particle, a mesh piece, a projectile, etc.). It leaves a trail behind the object that is in motion.