• In the Mod Builder change the setting in the drop down menu from release to curated.
  • Select build from the build menu to build your mod. (See Skin Pack Wizard Tutorial for more details on building skins). This will build and copy your mod to the games mod folder.
  • Launch the game and test your mod. You may need to go to the Manage Tab in the Modding Hub. If your mod is a skin mod then you will need to equip your skins in the Inventory Screen to test them.
  • Once your skins are tested and working, go back to the Manage Tab in the Modding Hub and hit Publish.
  • A dialogue will appear asking if you wish to publish the mod as ready to use or curated. Select curated and press Publish. Wait for the publishing process to complete.
  • With your mod still selected, press Show in Workshop to go to your mods workshop page to double check the publish process worked correctly. You should see the user voting UI allowing players to rate your mod.
  • Don't forget to add screenshots and video so players have a point of reference to rate your mod.

NOTE: If you are submitting to the curated pathway then your mod will be big as it will include your source files. This may cause you to hit the upload file size limit of 200MB. If this is the case try splitting your mod into summer and winter packs and upload each separately.