Welcome, Polycount Community. We're super psyched to have a top class art community show what they can do! This wiki has lots of reference material to guide you through what's needed and this post specifically will link out to the most important wiki pages you should have a look at to get all the info you might require.

First off you'll need a copy of the game. So make sure you've either bought a copy on STEAM or registered for a free artist copy as mentioned on Polycount, by sending us an email at moc.ciler|tniaprawtnuocylop#moc.ciler|tniaprawtnuocylop with a link to your Polycount thread and your Steam ID. You may also want to just try the game out to get a hang of what we're all about.


You'll be making vehicle skins for one of the armies in COH2.

  1. First off you'll be creating a skin mod. It is highly recommended that you follow the Skin Pack Wizard to do so.
  2. Then you'll paint over the base skins in your new mod. This mostly involves texture work that can be done in any painting app such as Photoshop.
  3. Then you'll assemble the rest of the skin mods data. You'll need to make a few icons and write some text to describe your skin.
  4. You'll want to burn your mod and test it in game.
  5. Next you'll use the game's Modding Hub to publish your vehicle skin pack to the curated section of the Company of Heroes 2 Steam Workshop.
  6. Lastly you'll want to add screenshots to the Workshop page to promote your mod. You may also want to add your details to the Workshop so that you will be eligible for revenue share should your skin be selected.

Formats And Source Files

Skins are imported into the mod builder in TGA format. You can paint over the diffuse layer TGA. This is the fastest way to get a skin in the game but also the least flexible and possibly most artistically difficult. Should you want, there are instructions on how to get the skin source files so you can manipulate the layers. Sources for the skins exist in two formats: Substance Designer files for the British Forces; and Photoshop files for all the other factions. Both software offer trial versions and tutorials:

Trial Version https://www.allegorithmic.com/download
Tutorials https://www.allegorithmic.com/community/tutorials

Trial Version http://www.adobe.com/downloads.html
Tutorials https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/tutorials.html

Which Faction To Choose

Check out the vehicle skins page to see what vehicles are in each army. There are between 11 to 18 vehicles depending on the faction you select. Don't forget to check the source file type as the British Army has its source in Substance Designer while all other factions use PSD format. Choose wisely!

Skin Sets Naming And Curated Path

In Company of Heroes 2, a full skin set is divided into 6 different game items that are equipped in your inventory. You can see each of the 6 skin items that make up the Relic Skin set below. Generally skin mods contain both a summer and winter skin for every vehicle in a faction. These are setup within the mod as 6 different items that can be equipped via the in game inventory screen:

  1. Heavy Summer Skin
  2. Medium Summer Skin
  3. Light Summer Skin
  4. Heavy Winter Skin
  5. Medium Winter Skin
  6. Light Winter Skin

Usually the only difference between summer and winter is the addition of a frost/snow coating layer. Feel free to grab the one out of the source files and use it to save time.

If you follow the Skin Pack Wizard each vehicle will be categorized for you.

Name your mod so we know it’s part of the Polycount competition. In the MODBUILDER tool, prefix the name of your mod with “POLYCOUNT” so we know your mod is competing.

When time comes to submit your work you will need to ensure you have selected CURATED from the drop down box in the mod builder. This will ensure your mod is in the correct format when you go to publish it from the game’s Modding Hub. If a mod is curated, then players can vote on it to help us decide if the mod should be included. Once you’ve built your skin mod it will be copied into the appropriate local game folder and you can go ahead and publish your skin from the game’s Modding Hub in the MANAGE tab. All you have to do is select your local skin mod and hit the PUBLISH button.

NOTE: If you are submitting to the curated pathway then your mod will be big as it will include your source files. This may cause you to hit the upload file size limit of 300MB. If this is the case try splitting your mod into summer and winter packs and upload each separately.

From here you’ve done everything you need to do to enter! However you should verify that your mod is indeed published to the Workshop. Select SHOW IN WORKSHOP after you have published to double check.