Skin Preview Image Creator

The Preview Image Creator mod can be found on the steam workshop. It's a quick and easy way to generate renders needed for skin previews that are used in the game's UI.


Workshop links

Summer Skin Preview Image Creator
Winter Skin Preview Image Creator

It will generate nice renders like this you can use for your previews or to use as screenshots and promotional images on your skins workshop page.
The tool will also generate green screen images for artists that prefer that format.


Formatting your Preview Images

You can find the created files in your …\documents\mygames\companyofheroes2\screenshots\ folder.

Preview images must be cropped & resized to be 250x190 pixels before being added to your skin mod.

Click the tank to download the .PSD template to help create correct image sizes and high quality, standardized preview images for your mod.


Credit to Janne252 for making it.