A skin pack is a set of skins that the user can equip to their inventory and use in a custom game. Skins are texture sets that can be applied to vehicle classes (light/medium/heavy) for different seasons (summer/winter) giving them a different appearance.

Ready-to-use skin mods can only be used in custom games (as opposed to curated skins). Generally skin mods contain both a summer and winter skin for every vehicle in a faction. These are set up within the mod as 6 different items that can then be equipped by players via the in game inventory screen:

  1. Heavy Summer Skin
  2. Medium Summer Skin
  3. Light Summer Skin
  4. Heavy Winter Skin
  5. Medium Winter Skin
  6. Light Winter Skin
Here you can see the example Relic Skin Set with its 6 items equipped in the inventory screen.

If you subscribe to this mod you can find it: (drive):\Users\(username)\Documents\my games\company of heroes 2\mods\skins\subscriptions\464057705.sga

You can use the Archive Viewer to open it and see the burned files and file structure. (does not include source)

NOTE: If you are submitting to the curated pathway then your mod will be big as it will include your source files. This may cause you to hit the upload file size limit of 300MB. If this is the case try splitting your mod into summer and winter packs and upload each separately. Worst case divide it into 6 parts - one for each of the 6 season & weight variants.


Below is a breakdown of the skinnable vehicles in each army.

SOVIET UNION: 15 vehicles. SU6 and Katyusha share same texture. KV-1 and KV-8 share the same texture. Lend Lease vehicle Sherman and M3 Halftrack can also be found in US Forces (They share models but use different textures).
Soviet%20Vehicles.pngGERMANS: 15 vehicles. Stug III G and E share textures. 250 Halftrack and and 251 Mortar Halftrack share textures. Panzer IV , Puma, and Panther can also be found in OKW army (They share models but use different textures).
German%20Vehicles.pngUS FORCES: 18 vehicles. M4A5 Sherman and Sherman Bulldozer share textures. Lend Lease vehicle Sherman can also be found in Soviet Army. M3 Halftrack can be found in both Soviet and US Forces.
US%20Forces%20Vehicles.pngOKW: 14 vehicles. Ostwind Model can be found in German Army.
OKW%20Vehicles.pngBRITISH: 11 vehicles AVRE, Crocodile and Churchill share the same texture. M3 Halftrack was added in the December Update (not pictured) can be found in Soviet Army and US Forces

Source Files

Follow the Skin Pack Wizard Tutorial for detailed instructions on setting up your skin pack mod as well as instructions for downloading all the source files.

Archive Structure

+-<mod info>